living on avo toast & £3 coffee; a millennials blog

Welcome to a slightly unconventional ‘about me’ page..


Errrm.. what are you doing?


I’ve just really wanted a blog for a long time now, so I’m starting one. In short, writing and sharing photos, inspiration and experiences is my creative way of having a good time. That may sound a bit stupid, but it’s like my equivalent of video games, TV or.. teleshopping(?!), for example.


Bit weird but okay. What’s it about?

I’ve created my blog to write and share the things I like doing. I’ve found so much general life inspiration from all sorts of other blogs in the past, and I hope that I can share some inspiration in whatever way possible to anyone who might stumble upon Moore Issues Than Vogue.


Why do you have categories? You’re not writing a book, love.


yeah just thought it looked cool. I love travel, I like reading and writing about travels, visiting new places, and – on the odd occasion – putting myself outside my comfort zone. I enjoy beauty; inside and outside beauty, and finding mascaras that make my eyelashes look less ginger. I looove food, specifically cake, however I’m trying to be healthy. Music makes me happy! I am a student, I like reading and writing advice on how to student better.. always needed, always appreciated. Finally, I am trying to like Mondays, so a little bit of motivation goes a long way.


Whatever floats your boat. Who are you tho?


Emily Moore, 21, Psychology student (with a bit of Spanish on the side). Had many a part time job (usually as a waitress), but managed to land a role working as an Adobe SBM last term. I live in two places; countryside in the south of England with my parents, and in the centre of Nottingham with my friends.


‘Moore Issues than Vogue’?


I happen to really enjoy reading Vogue, and my surname is Moore, and I’m specialising in mental health psychology…



You should know that I don’t think I’m good at this or anything. In true British fashion, I feel totally embarrassed about sharing things with people, because people make judgements. I’m doing it anyway because I want to, and feel like if I make a fool of myself I can blame it on being a mere young student?? ‘My blog? Oh yeah I was drunk! Oops’.


Anyway, give my blog a read. I hope it’s your cup of tea! X

Mallorca, March 2017.
Hot-air ballooning, Sussex
The Courthouse Hotel – Shoreditch, London.