5 life lessons from QUITTING university | My student experience

Yep, I quit university. Then I started again and pretended it never happened.. so here’s what I actually think.


1. stop wasting your time

I stuck at something for 2 years, when I knew it wasn’t the right university for me from the first day. I was right not to quit in the first few weeks at least, however I was so desperate to put on a brave face that I faked being happy (that NEVER works btw, don’t try it). I wasted time, money, and quite a few tears too.


2. ignore the arseholes

If you have to prove yourself, justify your reasons or make unfair compromises for your ‘friends’, then get rid. You’re at university, which means you’re old enough to tell them to politely to f*** off. (or ghost them, either way works). The last thing you want to do is graduate with a bunch of people who don’t love you!


3. be more selfish

I mean this in the kindest possible way; but you have to back yourself. If you know what you want (or need), then go and do whatever it takes to get it. Other people might help you along the way, and advice is always welcome, but you do you – others will get over it.


4. change is good

Or will eventually turn out good..? Bad things happen, but then good things happen. That’s life, and the only thing we can all count on is change. Hard as it may be, try to embrace it, and know that the good stuff will come.. ‘this too shall pass’ and all that.


5. fear changes nothing

So what’s the point of worrying? I’ve learnt this from every time I’ve been scared/worried/apprehensive about something. With anything in life – not just quitting uni or a job – if you’re going to do it, then do it! It’s great to show your emotions about things, but sometimes you really do just have to shut up and move on. (That’s the title of a really good book if you’re struggling with letting go of something).



EM x


I might do a post about my reasons for quitting, or the process involved in reapplying to universities. Just lemme know if it would be useful;