Raspberry Ketones; do they work?

I fell for the Raspberry Ketone craze.

It was during my exams when I was eating my bodyweight in revision snacks, and having a ridiculous amount of sugar in my tea to keep me awake. I first saw Raspberry Ketones on Facebook (procrastination), and when I read up on them I was promised they would reduce my appetite, increase my metabolism, and therefore help me lose weight.

What did I buy?

When I got to the shop, I realised they had different types of ketones to help with weight loss plus something else (a high in fibre one, digestive enzyme one, and an energy one). I chose the energy formula one to help me with those long revision days. Think it cost me about 18 quid from Holland & Barrett (www.hollandandbarrett.com). Very expensive in my opinion!

Did it work?

I didn’t make any effort to change my diet – and I even ate more than I usually would due to revision. I noticed a change after about 2 or 3 weeks, I felt like I had lost some weight, but the scales didn’t think I had.. a month went by and I still felt like I had lost a tiny bit of weight (I had actually lost 2 kilos), but nothing major as my weight fluctuates all the time. I did feel that I had a bit more energy, although there are more effective ways to go about obtaining that feeling (some include more sleep, eating well, and drinking less rosé). 

What’s next?

I had a week’s break from the ketones while I was getting drunk after exams had ended, and now I am back home from university I will try the ketones again (one in the morning, one at night) while having a better diet and doing more exercise (probably).

All in all, they have the potential to aid weight loss, if you are actually making an effort with diet and exercise to lose weight. If you’re like me and just trying to find a miracle pill that turns you into Kendall Jenner, I wouldn’t bother with Raspberry Ketones.

Oh well, I’ve got to finish my almost-20-quid bottle of raspberry pills now, so let’s see what happens.

EM xx



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