30 things before 30 | bucket-list

Things to do in your 20’s

In a bid to get my life together, I was trying to set some goals the other day of what I want to get out of my twenties. Here are my 30 things before 30 bucket list, I hope it gives you some ideas for yours.

Career goals

  1. Get a degree (working on it)
  2. Live in a flat in london (or maybe Brighton instead)
  3. Get a masters in psychotherapy (if I stick with that decision as a long term career goal)
  4. Live in edinburgh for a year (do the masters in edinburgh?!)
  5. Work for myself and be in a career I love
  6. Get my own house in the countryside (more towards the 30’s mark)
  7. Live abroad for 6 months – a year

Personal goals

  1. Keep blogging!
  2. Do something beneficial for a charity I am passionate about – this is a huge one for me, I would love to help children in some way, and even put together my own charity for that cause.
  3. Film bits of my life that are worth filming, so I can look back on them
  4. Get good at a sport and enjoy it (running? ew).
  5. Get married (this can be more towards the 30 mark, lol)
  6. Have my first child (again, more towards/on the 30 mark.. I’m a planner what can I say)
  7. Try veganism for a month, it’s meant to make you feel amazing?
  8. Join a club/society that I love
  9. Learn the guitar, and a bit of piano too
  10. Never have to waitress ever again, except at my own dinner parties (hopefully in that country house I mentioned)
  11. Spend time with my nieces and take them to awesome places
  12. Get better at photography
  13. Keep learning and improving my Spanish

Travel & adventure

  1. Australia & NZ
  2. India
  3. Road trip/travel around Europe
  4. Visit/volunteer with elephants
  5. See more of Africa
  6. Go to a festival for a couple of days
  7. Attend an olympic games
  8. Sleep under the stars
  9. Holiday with my best friend (girls weekend away?!)
  10. Vegas.

I have no major desire to go skydiving or bungee jumping.. I mean if the opportunity presents itself then I would probably do it, but scary I’m-falling-to-my-death-lol type stuff just isn’t really my cup of tea!

Hopefully I can tick a lot of these off before I turn 30,

EM xx